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Gas engines and gas generators (EN)
    Gezien het internationale karakter van deze markt is alle communicatie over onze gasmotoren in het Engels    

As demand for cleaner power increases throughout the world, our insight and experience means we can tailor Perkins engines specifically to meet your needs, now and in the future. That`s why we have developed a versatile range of gas engines between 10 KW to 90 KW, which meet all the fundamental requirements for your gas-fuelled applications in this range.

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The gas engines are based on Perkins diesel engines and therefore compact, reliable, service- friendly and supported by the World Wide Perkins Distributor Network, well meeting the current power demands. 

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Over the years we have proven to be a reliable partner for the supply and lifelong maintenance of motors, generators and complete emergency power installations. We would like to get in contact with you to see how we can provide you with appropriate advice and products!


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