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Corporate Social Responsibility

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In the daily policy of Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V., corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are natural components.

Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. ensures a good working environment where well-being, safety, health and personal development are important aspects. Development of our profession and the education of knowledge, as well as active contributing and stimulating the creativity and development of our employees. Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. offers a working environment to its employees, to provide the fundamental base for the realisation of ambitions and enhancement of workmanship.

Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. works and continues to reduce emissions. Our Purchase policy is focused on the responsibility of sustainable materials and services with a social or environmental attribute. This is fundamental to our production and business processes.

To minimize the disposal of residual materials which are environmentally stressful, production methods are optimized. Disposal and residual materials are collected and disposed of separately. The re-using of various components and materials contributes to sustainability.

As a multi-franchise company and producer of emergency power installations, Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. operates in the market with an open and honest way of doing business, where the co-operation with our customer is a key point. Solid partnership is focused on continuity and sustainability with an open and complete communication. Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. is a leading company in offering our range of sustainable products and innovative solutions.

Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V carries the responsibility to act in a conscious way towards social and natural environment. It acts in an active way to contribute to the development in the field and pass on knowledge to others who want to learn the skills of workmanship. This means among other things, an active guidance of schools, and pupils from these schools, including internal internship opportunities which are given. Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. voluntarily provides a contribution to social objectives via donations, sponsorship and/or by volunteering.

In a nut shell: Kemper en van Twist stands for sustainable partnership.

With this policy statement declaration, the Board of Executives of Kemper en van Twist Diesel B.V. honour vision and policy on corporate social responsibility in general and more specifically, in the four areas: employee development, environment, social development and responsible governance. We take our responsibility to commit to this declaration, to observe it unambiguously towards our employees, customers and suppliers.


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For almost 80 years KVT has been the distributor of Perkins and for many years the brands Perkins Marine, FG Wilson, Lombardini Marine, Max Power, Seakeeper and Kohler.



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