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Marine department
The Marine department provides a range of products of Perkins Marine, Lombardini Marine, Kohler Marine Power generators, Max Power Bow and stern thrusters and Seakeeper gyro stabilizers for use in the pleasure and professional shipping industry. Perkins Marine (formerly Perkins Sabre) offers propulsion engines from 87 up to 300 hp and auxiliary power application from 13.5 up to 240 hp. Lombardini Marine offers propulsion engines in a range from 13 to 240 hp and electrical power generator sets from 3.5 up to 16 kWe. Kohler marine electrical power generator sets range from 3.5 up to 180 kWe. Max Power electrical and hydraulic bow and stern thrusters cover a thrust range from 35 up to 600 kg. Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems are suitable for stabilizing boats with a tonnage of between 35 and 90 ton per unit.

Our Marine department has the right products and expertise to power your ship!

Industrial Department
The Industrial Department provides a comprehensive range of industrial diesel engines and generator sets with a power range up to 2200 kVA. Perkins engines are used for many applications including power packs, pump sets, internal transport resources, machine building and agricultural units. FG Wilson electrical power generator sets can be supplied in open and closed (acoustic housing) applications. These generator sets can be fully custom built to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Since the 1990s Kemper en van Twist develops and builds a range of gas engines based on Perkins diesel engines. Depending on the chosen specification we deliver these engines suitable for LNG, CNG, LPG as fuel or biogas.

Energy Department
The Energy Department is specialized in Turn Key projects and takes care of complete and complex emergency installations. With more than 40 years experience in emergency power installations, Kemper en van Twist is the emergency power partner for many contractors.

For both small- and large-scale projects we, as dealer of FG Wilson generators for the Benelux, are at your service. FG Wilson generators are available from 8.5 kVA to 2,500 kVA.

With our services activities, we are active in a variety of market segments for complete energy projects. This offers both flexibility and the broad knowledge of our employees.

Check out our reference list, which is a small selection of our (Special) projects.

Product Support Department
Our Product Support department is responsible for the technical support to our main products. Not only for our internal organization, but also for the end customers of Kemper en van Twist, importers, dealers and OEMs.
Our technicians are specialists in both mechanical and electric/electronics, regularly trained at a high level of education with the latest developments.

Parts & Components Department
The sales department Parts and Components has a warehouse inventory with a high percentage fill rate for parts and components of our main products. The department provides you with parts of all our brands, namely Perkins, Perkins Marine, FG Wilson, Kohler Power Systems, Lombardini Marine, Max Power, Paragon, Turner Flametec, WASP etc. There are several options - as new parts, also rebuilt and exchange components.

In addition, this department sells a range of technical components, such as Bowman heat exchangers, Flametec explosion proved components for diesel engines and Ultraflex remote controls for nautical applications.

Service department
Our specialists in the Service Department are responsible for maintenance and repair work, and putting right malfunctions. Not only in the Netherlands but if necessary all over the world, we are available 24 hours, 7 days per week at your service. More..

In the workshop we produce generator sets, switchgear & control panels and perform repairs on all products delivered by us. In the workshop we have the facility for total engine revisions and re-build of exchange engines. In addition, here we also carry out the series production of regular Perkins/KVT gas engines.

Training Centre
Kemper en van Twist offers a modern training facility in Dordrecht. The Kemper en van Twist property is easily accessible by car (along the A16/N3) or public transport. Hotel facilities are available within walking distance.

We can offer official Perkins training courses, or can build a customized training course, based on the client’s needs. All trainees are certified with a Perkins training certificate or a KVT certificate of attendance.



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For almost 80 years KVT has been the distributor of Perkins and for many years the brands Perkins Marine, FG Wilson, Lombardini Marine, Max Power, Seakeeper and Kohler.



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